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Masternode Guide

1. Setup

 This guide is for a setting up a Piasa masternode, on a Ubuntu 16.04/18.04 64bit server (VPS) and will be controlled from the wallet on your local computer (Local wallet). 

2. Requirements

  • 1,0000,000 Piasa
  • A main computer (Your personal computer) — This will run the Local wallet, hold your collateral 1,000,000 Piasa  and can be turned on and off without affecting the masternode.
  • Masternode Server running Ubuntu 16.04/18.04(VPS — The computer that will be on 24/7.
  • A unique IP address for your VPS.

3. VPS Masternode Installation


  1. To install the wallet first you will log into your VPS using your SSH client. After logging in, type the following commands into your VPS terminal.
  2. wget  https://genesisblock.eu/res/piasa/installMN.sh 
  3. bash installMn.sh
  4. Script will ask you if install all dependiences (hit y)
  5. At the end script will ask you if you have already privekey or hit"enter" to generate the eky.
  6. Hit enter and masternode will be configured and started.

4. Local Wallet Installation


  1.  Download, install and sync your Piasa wallet in your local computer. 
  2. Now in the Local wallet, enter the debug console by going to (Tools > Debug console) and type the following command on the debug console: getaccountaddress MN1 This will create a wallet address and masternode name for your masternode. 
  3. Send 1,000,000 Piasa to the address generated in the previous step. IMPORTANT: In the Amount box, type in EXACTLY 1,000,000. This single transaction tells the blockchain, the address you are sending to is a masternode. If you type in more/less than 1,000,000, or attempt to split the payment into two transactions you will not be able to proceed to the next step. When you press the Send button, the wallet will calculate the proper transaction fee. Click Yes in the dialog box that follows and proceed to the next step.
  4. Using your local wallet, wait for at least 1 block for confirmation, and then enter the debug console (toolbar: Tools > Debug Console) and type the following command: masternode outputs This will display the transaction id followed by the output index . Save this to Notepad. (This gets the proof of transaction of sending 1,000,000 Piasa )
  5. In the local wallet’s toolbar, click Tools > Open Masternode Configuration File to open masternode.conf and add the following line: MN1 VPS_IP:41414 generated_priv_key transaction_hash transaction_id.
  6. Save the file, restart the wallet, wait when masternodes syncing, and start them all. 
  7.  If you check back in VPS wth command piasa-cli masternode status you should get status 4 in output "Masternode successfully started".
  8.  Congratulations! You have successfully created your masternode.